Uni Watch on VB Day

First, Paul drops this nugget!

The black alternate jersey and solid-black cap have not been eliminated — yet. They’ll be used sparingly on the road in 2012, and then scrapped altogether in 2013.

I didn’t get that vibe but I’m not going to argue with Paul about such things.  Very interesting.

Also don’t forget the blue jersey has been mentioned as coming in 2013, and under-reported yesterday (including by me) the blues will be the spring jersey.

Back to Paul’s closing statements.

And there you have it. After a dozen years of campaigning for most of these moves, I don’t mind saying that the long-awaited ditching of the black — VB Day — tastes pretty sweet. Today my giant souvenir Mets cup is filled with champagne. (Actually, I don’t own a souvenir cup, and I don’t particularly like champagne. But you get the idea.)

My thanks to everyone else who’s helped with the cause over the years, especially Shannon Shark over at Mets Police (who, unlike me, has actually been diplomatic enough to break bread with some of the team’s front office types and, I’m fairly certain, has made them take this kind of stuff more seriously). Enjoy the moment, people — an all-too-rare triumph of Good over Stupid.

via Uni Watch.

Definitely pop over to Uni Watch today because he has lots of images and a great opening statement.

I love that he used VB Day as a term.

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  1. Was out of the loop the last couple of days, but I’ve just caught up on my required Mets uni reading here and also on Uniwatch & MetsBlog….Thanks for providing all the good stuff!

    I wonder if Charlie Samuels is in a cell at the Statesville Prison & reacting to this joyous news by clenching his fists and muttering “Blasted, Meddling Kids!!…?”

  2. Very true, he has not been convicted in court of law yet, he still may walk free.

    But still, I couldn’t resist the ‘Scooby’/’Naked Gun’ imagery…imagine Frank Drebben hancuffing him against the Mystery Machine declaring, “The only uniforms that you will be messing with from now on will be the Statesville Penal League!”

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