Mets 20 Game Plan Tickets: My Odyssey

I know a lot of you that read our site are very anti ticket plan nowadays. Given the economy and the way certain things on and off the field are happening for the Mets, I can understand your feelings. I personally like having my set seats and knowing I have a game this week to go to. If I didn’t have tickets already, I know I can become lazy and go eh, I’ll go next time. So when my former “NEW” ticket rep called me to introduce himself and to let me know he was no handling my account and to say tell me that the Mets were looking into new plan options, and if I put my deposit down at that time, I was guaranteed my seats that I have had for the last two seasons. I, of course said,”Sure. Here is my deposit.”

Fast Forward a few weeks after that, I receive a phone call from my NEW,”NEW” ticket rep. He was calling me to let me know that my Old “New” ticket rep didn’t survive the culling of the 10% in the Mets Offices.  So when the Mets unveiled their new ticket plans, I called up my “NEW” New rep to find out if that affects the seats. He told me not to worry, that I would be one of the first people he called Tuesday morning of the pre sale. Cool I thought.


I waited to 10:30 today to see if my “New” New rep would call me. But alas,he didn’t. So as I am at work I dial the Mets ticket office number. I was parked on hold. I got to hear David Wright, RA Dickey, and Ike Davis tell me something repeatedly about being on the METS in 2012 while sandwiched in between “the METS are swamped with calls” messages. I, GOONICUS, was able to pass the first test of being on hold for almost an hour till I got to the second test. The gatekeeper to my “NEW” New rep told me he was on another call and that she would help me. She asked my info and what ticket plan I wanted. She said my seats were unavailable. I told her thats not right. I put my deposit down to hold them for me. She informed me she would have to email the Operations Manager to see if they can get them for me and that either she or my “NEW” New rep would get back to me, anywhere from 20 mins to an hour. I am weary of this ploy but I let it play out.

An hour and a half later goes by. Nothing, nada, zip, zilch. I call back. This time I got a person right away. He transferred me to my “NEW” new rep. Progress? Phone rings and rings. The second gatekeeper voicemail blocks my progress.I leave a message. I call back again 30 mins later. Get a different rep and try again. Same scenario MY SEATS are unavailable. I am getting angry. Goonicus doesn’t like these trials he is being put through.

I call again at 3pm. My anger has grown. I get a person again when I call. I ask for my “NEW”New rep. They say he is on the other line. I respond that I was on hold earlier today for an hour. I can hold for a few more minutes. I hear a voice crackle on the other end. I tell him of my tales of the day. Being on hold, being told that I will receive a call in a certain amount of time, the voicemails and being told I couldn’t have my tickets that I paid my deposit for. He said thats not right. And he apologized profusely. “NEW” New rep put me on hold and talked to his manager. They said they would get back to me by 6pm. I gave in. I said okay. Call me back. I was beaten down and tired from my quest(and from work).Sleep was overtaking me.  I was mentally beaten in battle. I passed out with my phone next to me.

When I woke up at 5:45pm I looked at my trusty weapon(my iPhone), I missed a call! DAMN. I scrambled to call. I got through. “NEW” New rep told me they were able to get me my seats. I was happy about that. He was very apologetic because the first person I spoke to today was supposed to take care of it and she dropped the ball. So after 8 hours, my ticket odyssey was over.

Overall I think the Reps were swamped today. The reduced staff seemed to affect them and I don’t know if the phones being busy was a cause of that or people re upping their plans or both.Maybe people were having the same issues as me with wanting the tickets for the seats they had.  Hopefully it was people re upping. Usually my experiences with the Mets ticket office goes a lot smoother then this. Yes today was frustrating and yes there was a few times I was getting to my boiling point but I didn’t give up. I hope the METS pitching is as tough this year as getting my tickets were today.


3 Replies to “Mets 20 Game Plan Tickets: My Odyssey”

  1. That’s what I don’t get about you guys and these ticket plans:

    1) They treat you like crap and you still beg to give them your money.
    2) You have no idea if they are fielding a double A or triple A team yet
    3) You can’t have you seats, then a miracle happens they are available, sounds like a salesmens “Take away ploy”
    4) If you keep letting them s**t on you they will!

  2. You’re far more patient than I am. I’m glad it all worked out in the end, & I hope that it was an isolated experience.

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