Faith and Fear in Flushing rules

I got home late last night so this is a quickie post to kick things off.  I loved what Greg wrote yesterday, and as always you should read the entire thing, but I’ll lead with the part about me and the part about a color the Mets used to wear.

But I’m as willing as anybody south of Shannon Shark to kick it to the curb because the kicking represents such a psychic victory for most everyone who cares about the Mets. That “true to the orange and blue” jazz really resonates approximately a generation after few even remembered there was a second verse to “Meet The Mets”. The idea that the Mets stand for something beyond a given number of wins and losses is powerful stuff. We who use our keyboards to occasionally cajole, berate and harp have been flying that particular banner for quite a while. Our parade wasn’t so much virtual as it was invisible where it counted. The Mets gave maybe half a damn as to what their hardcore fans were yelping about.

via Faith and Fear in Flushing.