Where are the articles and tweets saying Reyes is a good contract for the Marlins?

The internet seems to be broken.  Here are some searches I did around 7:30pm


Hmm the internet mustn’t be working right. Let’s try again.




Well clearly Google doesn’t know how to find things.  Maybe twitter..


Well, this is damn peculiar.

I even asked the 2300 followers of @metspolice if someone could send me just ONE tweet where someone, anyone, said this was a good contract.  Nobody sent me anything.

Well, one thing is for sure.  The Mets are idiots for not outbidding the Marlins.  Even though not one person on the internet says it was a smart deal, the Mets are stupid for not topping it.  Stupid Wilpons.

I can put together a much better team than those stupid Wilpons who were too cheap to outbid the Marlins!  Let’s visit Cot’s Baseball Contracts and I’ll show Sandy how it’s done.

First up we have Santana making $24,000,000.  Last year he was 0-0 with 0 innings pitched.  He’s my ace.

Next, Jason Bay will pull in a cool $18,125,000.   So that’s $42 million give or take and I have two players, one of whom didn’t play last year.

David Wright gets another $15,250,000 to bring us to $57 million and three players.

RA, and who doesn’t love RA, gets $4,750,000 and D.J. Carrasco gets $1,200,000…add that all up and Cot’s says we’re at $63,325,000

Well, let’s not jerk around with Jose, let’s outbid the Marlins and give him 6 years and $107 million.  That brings us to..oh let’s call it $81,000,000.

Now we have a SS, a 3B, 2 starters and a bullpen guy.

Fortunately we have all these young guys.  Murph, Ike and Tejada can all make the major league minium of $480,000.  And Duda and Gee.  So let’s see five times 48….that’s another $2,400,000 so now we’re at $83,400,000

We need a centerfielder.  I’m sure Pagan will take $3.5 again.   That’s $86,900,000

Mike Pelfrey is arbitration eligible and his agent is Scott Boras.  He’ll lose and only make 5 million.  That’s 91,900,000

Some more cheapos…Niese and Thole.  That’s another $960,000 for a total of $92,860,000.

How many players we got so far?  Santana, RA, Niese, Gee and somebody.  One guy in the pen.  Ike, Murph, Reyes and Wright, Thole, Bay, Pagan and Duda.  Tejada on the bench where he belongs.

Well, there’s 13 players on the team now.  Basically your 2011 Mets, and they finished 4th with Reyes having a great year.

Let’s get 12 more guys, keep the payroll under $100m…and 12 guys times $480k is another $5,760,000 – and I’m sure all those major league minimum guys are good….and the payroll is at $98,620,000

There you go.  Your 2012 Jose Reyes Mets for under $100 million!  Only 12 hypothetical guys making the major league minimum plus 7 others making the minimum.

What a completely realistic plan – AND the type of players who can clearly finish 4th year after year after year.

Why wouldn’t the Mets tie up $17 million for the next 6 years under this plan?

Clearly the Mets are idiots.

I have to go now, I’m sure Google is back to working and I’ll easily find the articles about what a great deal this is for the Marlins.


Here’s what you all should REALLY worry about.  The next Marlins fire sale.  Say it’s in three years. What deep pocket team will need a big splash shortstop to replace their retiring legend.  Search your feelings you know it to be true.

4 Replies to “Where are the articles and tweets saying Reyes is a good contract for the Marlins?”

  1. The Marlins can make that bloated offer because they’re going to do what they always do: build a contending team out of the most expensive parts possible, then have a massive fire sale. As a result, they don’t need Reyes to perform for the duration of the contract — they only care about that first couple of years.

    No team that intends to keep him for the duration of the contract would offer 6 years. Not at those prices. After all, does anyone really believe that a 28 year old speedster who’s averaged just over 90 games a season over the last three years has enough left in him to be worth $20 million a year in years four, five, and six of this new contract?

  2. I wondered earlier about trying to research the context of Sandy’s statement that the Mets lost “$70 Million dollars.” I kinda knew that loss was an outlier…also knew that whatever I found may not be accurate anyway. But I couldn’t resist. Forbes is fairly reputable. Last March they studied the Business of Baseball. While the Mets were the 5th most valuable, there were one of only 3 franchises to lose value in 2010…also one of 3 franchises to have negative profit in 2010…Detroit (-29M), Boston (-1M), and the Mets (-6M). The Yankees own 34% of YES and that portion of YES revenue is included, so the Mets, 65% of SNY is likely also included here. The following statement was in the piece:

    “The Mets’ overall revenue fell 13% last year thanks to a 25% drop in gate receipts…The Mets’ revenue is expected to fall further in 2011, which could dent revenue-sharing even more.”

    Sandy’s statement of a $70 Million loss is staggering. If this is apples to apples, the Mets are truly collapsing as a business. Forbes will likely update this report in a few months. It is for Met fans to suffer from this debt and Madoff fueled disaster…bad player contracts and Santana’s injury, as Shannon points out, did not help and have hurt revenue even more this year. Watch for Sandy to sign a lot of cheap guys like Young and Capuano, trying to come off injuries or recapture their past. Forget Reyes…they may need to play only day games to save electricity.


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