The 2011 Mets Police Awards (aka The Mazzilli’s)

Another year has passed, and it’s time we celebrate all the great things in the Metsiverse.  It’s the 2011 Mets Police Awards!









In no particular order:

Mets Player of The Year:  He catches crap just for getting out of bed.  The twitterverse tried to run him out of town last winter.  And the winter before.  Colactus had him behind me on the depth chart in the spring, but #imwith28 all the way and he hit .320 last year so you can all eat his dust.  The Mazzilli goes to…..Daniel Murphy!





Blog of the Year:  Paul’s Random Baseball Stuff.  Paul caught my eye earlier this year and I found myself interested in his posts every single day.  I like blogs that do something different.  Cerrone’s got Mets News down cold, we don’t need 100 clones of that, and Paul does his own thing.  I crib stuff from Paul’s site like twice a week…like his recent tour of Citi Field.  Make this one part of your daily rotation.




You Own This Jersey Award:  I considered this one with the Unnamed Donuts Chain on it.  I thought about the guy who was on TV behind home plate with the swoosh jersey…but the winner goes to @mezzanine1976 for this one. So rare, it’s not even in the Mets museum.





Fan Of The Year:  Darren from The 7 Line.  Darren’s Don’t Trade Reyes movement caught the zeitgeist, and he organized the passionate fans in a way we haven’t seen in a long time.  The Mazzilli Awards are a positive event so today we celebrate Darren’s fandom and continue to encourage him to focus his energies for good.  More on that tomorrow during Metsivus…





Mets Executive of the Year.  For calling my bluff, inviting me to a game, having a great three hour conversation that went until the last pitch, and being the man who said the words Banner Day will be back….Dave Howard come get your Mazzilli.*





Secret Insider Award.  I can’t tell you but she hooked up the next award.  She also likes to embarrass me.





Blog-post of the year.  Which blog post got the most hits in 2012?  New uniforms?  Jose Reyes something?  Nope.  Bowling Shirts!






Best Writer.  As there was last year, there’s only one choice.  Whereas I write two choppy sentences on a topic, Greg Prince can rip off 1500 words with no sleep and no warning.  MetsPolice is like twitter to his Shakespeare.  Once again, the best writer, Mr. Greg W. Prince of Faith and Fear In Flushing.





Man Up and Play Better Award:  I’m going to give it to Francisco Rodriguez.  He had 23 saves while he was still here before Sandy proved he’s smarter than the average bear.  Plus he laid low which was the right thing to do.  For Manning Up and Playing Better, K-Rod come get your Mazz.





Slogan Of The Year:  It took us until Thanksgiving, but we’ve found a worthy successor to Man Up And Play Better and it comes from Sandy Alderson.  One of the dopier bloggers wanted to ask him about The Walking Dead.  Sandy wasn’t all that familiar with it and thought is was about Probably  Vampires Or Something.  Given the state of the team, it’s better than Catch The Rising Stars.



Most Powerful Man In The Blogosphere.  I was thinking that Paul Lukas might steal this one since most of my biggest traffic days came from Uni Watch but the stats are the stats, and the #1 mover of traffic once again was Matt Cerrone’s MetsBlog.  You’ve probably heard of it.




Tweeter of The Year: He might agree with you, he might argue with you, but @Coreynyc is never boring and makes some good points every day.






Have you read my post yet Award:  He’s the Myspace Tom of twitter.  Within 2 seconds of you alerting @lagranderusty of your presence on twitter he will ask you if you’ve read his column.  You probably didn’t.





Gunslinger of the Year:  There’s a time where I might have considered myself for this award, but for me this was a year of peace and progress.  Meanwhile, Howard Megdal probably shows up in Fred Wilpon’s google alerts daily.




Best first impression.  Colactus, destroyer of teams.  Whatever the 2012 Mets may or not be it won’t be because they are unprepared.






Best looking.  One man brings up our GQ Rating all by himself.  Kerel from On The Black, come get your Mazzilli…but be warned, a new blogger appeared this week and she could give you a run in 2012.







Zaniest.  Randy from Read The Apple.  I’m including him hoping he photoshops something and sends me more traffic.







Most Optimisitic.  I realized I sometimes go drinking with Kerel, Randy and Ceetar so I made up another award for Optimistic Mets Fan.  Google Images didn’t know what to make of “Ceetar” and suggested this image.





No Dropshadow Award:  goes to Paul Lukas for leading the long fight in the War to Ditch The Black. I can’t believe it happened.  Congrats General.






Best backup.  With 12 road trips on the calendar for 2012 I realized I needed to kiss ass and not tick off Media Goon.  So here’s another made up award.  Any time I’m out of the eastern time zone the Wilpon’s like to do something nutty and Goon keeps the blog alive.  Thanks Goon.  This  Mazz’s for you.




Best Donut:  Pumpkin, from the unnamed Donuts Chain that doesn’t love me enough to advertise on my site.

* Awards do not actually exist as physical entities.  The Mets Police Awards are in no way endorsed by Lee Mazzilli.



Tomorrow is Metsivus.  Please prepare yourself for the Airing Of The Grievances.

More content will rollout below this post throughout the day.

Is Mr. Met still wearing a dropshadow jersey?
Mr. Met makes a delivery

14 Replies to “The 2011 Mets Police Awards (aka The Mazzilli’s)”

  1. Thanks Shannon and Media Goon for the awards. I’ll be hitting the gym extra hard over the next year to keep up my appearance and hopefully win the award again next year! 🙂

  2. Wow, I am shocked that I got acknowledged by Mr. Shark. I really appreciate that he is happy with what I bring to the table here at MetsPolice. The only thing is I wish he didn’t give Mr MiniMet my Mazzy last night to drop it off to me. Someone sent me a picture of him with it from last night. I don’t think I will ever get it from the lil guy. Thanks to everyone for making MP what it is…(click the pic to see where MiniMet ended up)

  3. #1 Mets Fan this year is Howard Megdal. For keeping us all honest, and pointing out very clearly who is not.

  4. Does this mean I get a retroactive 2010 award for having purchased that very same jersey last August?  Man, I put it on the Facebook and everything….

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