Mets spring tickets and concession prices up

Prices for three of the five levels of seating at spring training games have increased by $2 or $3 (11-33 percent), children’s admission for St. Lucie Mets games increased from $4 to $5, and season tickets to St. Lucie games increased from $200 to $210.

Of the 55 menu items at the concession stands, eight were increased by 50 cents, six were increased by $1 and one by $2 during the spring training and minor league seasons.

The article in TC Palm does favorably compare the prices to those of neighboring parks.

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  1. The timing of the Mets raising spring training ticket prices is really bad. Here you have a team cutting back payroll by millions of dollars, yet they expect you to pay extra to go to the game, and watch a minor league team.

    The only reason they had so many people in line for tickets were that over half of them were Yankee fans. I will be willing to bet that their overall attendance dives this year.

    They are putting a sub standard double A team on the field this year yet they are raising their prices and charging like it is a major league team.

    Maybe if they got a second team to share the facility it would be different. At least you could go watch the other team and see real Major League baseball!

    This is why I will purchase tickets on secondary markets or from a fan outside the stadium. I will not park in their lot (No mention if they raised parking prices) or buy any of their food.

    Plus the teams they are comparing their prices with are putiing a much better product on the field and are actually tring to win the division, not just exist in it.

    I will still go to the games and root for the Mets but I will just choose to spend my money much wiser than this team does.

    Although spring training will be the only time that the Mets are tied for first with everybody else.

    “Meaningful Baseball in March” 

  2. They are pretty comparable from my experiences, to other stadiums.  But hey, construction costs money.  It’ll be worth it to have Berm access from the main stadium IMO, it means you can buy a ‘real’ ticket and still shag fly balls during BP.

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