Bob Murphy for Rheingold beer

I so so love this site because people share really cool things that I get to pass along like this commercial which came in from TK41c. (Why aren’t you at your post TK41c?)

Today and tomorrow are travel days for me but I should be mostly around. Media Goon is in charge for the next 48 hours so if something happens (oh like say the 2013 All Star Game location being announced) bug him at or @mediagoon on twitter.  You can copy me on all because I will be looking at my phone.

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Thanks for reading.  January’s traffic was down a tad (although Matt Cerrone threw in a save yesterday by linking to the Delta Club article) but overall not too bad considering a quiet month for Mets news, and up from January 2010 so that’s all good and healthy.  I appreciate that you take the time to read my nonsense.

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If this doesn't scream for a hockey arena or sports bar or hotel or bulldozer
Jose Reyes in a Marlins uniform