Did the Mets sellout and was this the biggest Citi Field crowd ever?

Various reports have today’s attendance at 42,080 and are using terms like “biggest Citi Field crowd ever” and even “sold out” which Mike Francesa made a big deal out of all afternoon.

While I did get the Mets pre-game notes I have not yet received any post-game notes…that’s not a complaint, I’m just saying I don’t know first-hand if the Mets are indeed claiming either biggest or sellout…so I can’t give any meaningful opinion on what claims were made or not.

I was at the game and in my personal opinion the stadium was pretty full.  Had I not heard the reports on both WFAN and WCBS I would have described it as “almost sold out.”

Here’s a photo I took with this intention of writing an “almost sold out” post.  Last year’s readers know that I almjost always post crowd shots.   This was taken oh say second inning or so.

mets opening day rf crowd shot

It’s possible all these people went for a shake at the same time, or perhaps they were all on the same party bus that got stuck in traffic and never made it, but in my personal experience I find full rows like this to be eyecatching.

Here’s the pre-game ceremony around anthem time. Again perhaps people were stuck in traffic or just not into the ceremony or were off getting Two Boots Pizza in groups of 10 or more.

If you click on the photo above and then click on it again it will open up nice, large and clear.

The boxscore from July 2, 2011 shows an attendance of 42,042.  That was a Mets-Yankees game which I was at.  I have it in my mind that they sold standing room tickets that day.

Was it a sellout?  I don’t know.  It was a good crowd for sure and I’ll let you guys decide whatever you want from the photos.

Lots more to come from Opening Day…


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12 Replies to “Did the Mets sellout and was this the biggest Citi Field crowd ever?”

  1. They could have “sold out” and still had large patches of empty sections. Can’t fault the Mets for bulk buying by second party ticket sellers

  2. Close enough to call it a sell out!….The only thing that really matters is they won!

    Great job by the whole Mets organization today!

  3. They can have a bigger crowd then in the past and still not have a sell-out — all those extra seats they got since they moved the fences in

    1. ~125 or something.

      All the ‘cheap’ tickets were sold.  I bet those swatches of seats in the picture above were an over-zealous scalper and the seats were sitting on stub hub.

      it did look there there were some spots in LFR/RFR and deep Ceasar’s that didn’t sell. 

  4. I was disappointed with how few people were in their seats to watch the pre-game Opening Day ceremonies, but by the time the game started it was a good crowd. There were patches of empty seats, but there were also a ton of people on the Shea Bridge and wandering around in the food court.

  5. Think your friend Dave Howard went on the possible [we are taiking Mets management here, a group that has certainly diddled with the truth in the past] idea that the team did actually sell all those tickets – but since I did a spot-check on StubHub during the game, many seats were still available on the secondary [and not very cheap] market. 
    Can’t wait for the $5 tickets to come back. 

    1. There was a time when the AL reported attendance as tickets sold and the NL reported actual people through the turnstiles. I don’t remember exactly when…maybe mid-90s…the NL joined the AL in announcing tickets sold rather than actual people at the game. Now secondary markets further cloud the issue, as tickets that eventually sell for a very low price count the same as a full price ticket. I’d be interested in knowing average selling price per ticket.

  6. Felt crowded to me, and empty seats that you see in the Prom level, were very likely fans walking around. Shea bridge and center field were swamped. I took a peek at Pepsi Porch, crowded as well. 

  7. “The boxscore from July 2, 2011 shows an attendance of 42,042. That was a Mets-Yankees game which I was at. I have it in my mind that they sold standing room tickets that day.”

    They did sell standing room tickets for the Friday game (7/1/11).  Don’t know about the other two dates.  I already had a ticket for the game but I would have bought a standing room ticket as a collector’s item, because it was (as far as I know) the first time the Mets actually sold standing room tickets.  However, if memory serves me right, they were charging $45 for standing room, so I decided against it.

      1. $40 to stand yesterday. But that’s how they address the walk-up crowd.  It makes sense.  $40 is basically the cheapest seat you could’ve bought anyway, but when the day of game sales opened cheapest available was like $160.  This makes it possible to walk-up and get a ticket.  And explains why the bridge was 3-deep.

  8. Just catching up today.  I was at Opening Day with my husband and a posse of friends.  Was planning on tweeting to Shannon and Media Goon to maybe finally meet in person, but AT&T is fairly awful at Citi Field.  Anyway, great game, 3-0, Let’s Go Mets.

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