The Post’s myth about Mets fans booing Jose Reyes

The Post published this (the bold is mine)…

When Reyes was introduced as the first batter a few minutes later, it was 95 percent boos from the crowd. Reyes immediately drove a shot to center off Johan Santana, but Kirk Nieuwenhuis made a leaping catch at the 385 sign, sending him to an 0-for-4 night and dropping his average to .215.

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95 percent boos.  Got that?

Now watch this video I took at the game.

Kevin, please explain how I was able to doctor the crowd noise.


In later at bats, yes, Jose was booed.  Absolutely.  But it was not “John Rocker” booing, it was more like “Jason Bay” booing.  I did not feel hatred from the crowd.


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7 Replies to “The Post’s myth about Mets fans booing Jose Reyes”

  1. Judging by the sparcity of the crowd the Post obviously made a mistake and meat to say “95 people booed Reyes”, instead of “95%”.  Then again…95 people could have been 95% at that moment.  If they had 20,000+ they must have been using some sort of creative math.

  2. I saw the game and it certainly sounded pretty mixed. All five people on the first base side cheered and the other five down the third base line booed!

  3. Shannon’s right – Post wrong (shocker). Booing got worse late because, frankly, there were more drunks, certainly in my section – and traditionally, you only get up to applaud a returning-now-opposing player once.

  4. Like most media judgements of crowd noise stuff, this is a representative sample of roughly the 12 people you can hear from the press box.   You think any of these guys think “hey, maybe I’ll go stand in the promenade concourse for XXX and see how the crowd sounds from there”?

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