The Mets make a crappy day better

I’ve written about this before but after a frustrating “real life” day I thought I’d do an emotion-share.

Man I can’t wait to get to the ballpark.

During the winter’s negativity I pleaded with the boycotters not to give up on the baseball part of it. Winning is a luxury and so far this season the gods have been kind.

I like going to the park.

I had an annoying day but once I left work I took of the Clark Kent suit and put on my Mazzilli jersey. I’m looking forward to hanging with Media Goon. I’m hoping the shake line isn’t bad and if it is I will take a run at tacos.

I’ve made some friends, many of them bloggers or t-shirt guys or both, some twitter friends and/or readers. I like the hang.

Even when I’m home and it’s just on twitter I like the hang. I miss the hang when I have to miss the hang.

I liked going to the all time team event. I like writing my silly thoughts on the site and like even more that you find it interesting. I like going to games which is why I bought the 15er.

It’s a nice enough warm summer night. Santana on the mound, friends, two beers (not eight), some food, 100 or so tweets, take some pics, maybe a blog post, a “free” t-shirt, #imwith28, a folk hero in Dickey, hanging with the tribe – all good things. All make me happy

That the Mets are in position for a playoff berth makes it even better.

Faith will be rewarded. Enjoy baseball. Sometimes 1984 shows up when you least expect it.

(written on a 7 express)

3 Replies to “The Mets make a crappy day better”

  1. I attended Monday’s game, decided last minute to see Dickey. I was rewarded it was an excellent showing, and a nice crowd for a Monday night. I’d love nothing more to see if this team has some 1984 in it. Also like the fact that you took the train to the game. I take it to Citi all the time. 

  2. Let’s not write off 2012 as 1984 just yet, trying to make some historical context out of a year not yet half finished. (2006 was the start of the dynasty remember?) It is it’s own year. 

    But if you’re not going to enjoy and root for or pray for a playoff berth, then they might as well be spring training games, however unlikely your mind thinks it might be. 

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