Confirmed: Los Mets jersey being worn Friday night

The uniform below will be worn Friday night.  Confirmed.

The Mets also announced the below…which makes my source’s 8/24 date make sense.  I left the now outdated-updates so you can see how this evolved.

07/05/2012 4:14 PM EST
Mets host return of Merengue Night Post-Game Concert Presented by Budweiser in celebration of Sergio Vargas’ 30th Anniversary Friday, August 24 at Citi Field
Merengue Artists and Special Guest Stars Will Join Sergio Vargas at Concert Following Mets-Astros 7:10 p.m. Game Tickets Available Now at,, (718) 507-TIXX and Citi Field Box Office


The New York Mets and Vidal Cedeño Management today announced the return of Merengue Night Post-Game Concert Presented by Budweiser in celebration of Sergio Vargas’ 30th anniversary Friday, August 24 at Citi Field.  Delta Air Lines and Atlantic City join Budweiser as supporting sponsors. Stars from the world of Merengue music and special guest stars will join Sergio Vargas on stage following the Mets-Astros 7:10 p.m. game.

Tickets are available now at,, (718) 507-TIXX and the Citi Field Box Office.

Sergio Vargas, known as “El Negrito de Villa” and “El Ejemplo,” will be making his fourth Mets Merengue Night appearance. He has recorded more than 30 albums and has achieved worldwide fame with his hit singles “La Ventanita,” “Vete Y Dile,” “La Incondicional,” “Si Algún Día La Vez,” y “La Quiero a Morir.”  While he is renowned for his distinct voice and musical talent, he is also known for his humanitarian and philanthropic efforts in the Dominican Republic.

The Mets hosted Merengue Night for 12 years at Shea Stadium from 1997-2008 featuring a wide array of Merengue artists including Johnny Ventura, Fernando Villalona, Toño Rosario, Ruby Perez, Milly Quezada and Eddy Herrera.  The shows also branched out to include reggaeton and bachata with such artists as the group Aventura, Anthony Santos and Frank Reyes.

The Mets have a 9-3 record on Merengue Night.


The previous now outdated update: the Mets game notes do not mention any sort of Heritage night tonight.  Also I emailed a few folks who haven’t gotten back to me yet.  Hopefully they are just on a well earned vacation.

Anyway, this came my way earlier today and as the story went/goes this will be worn tonight (tomorrow) and again on August 24th.

A mystery!


That’s an interesting design since last year’s had orange lettering (below).

The Mets are trying to bankrupt me $110 at a time. I didn’t even buy my ASG jersey yet…and I haven’t even worn the throwback Giants jersey yet…and I will wind up buying all kinds of 2013 jerseys (All Star patches and All Star jerseys). Jeez Louise!

In the past I have said “Los Mets” is stupid (the English jerseys don’t say “The Mets”, and “Nueva York” would be 8000 times cooler) but again I prefer this design to the previous versions where there wasa tiny itty bitty Los.


I will confirm when I can.


Confirmed for tomorrow!



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  1. I assume they will use white numbers and NOB too…they once used gray lettering on their road alt and BPs in the mid 1980s…that didn’t look too bad. But at home they should stick with orange.

    I would post a link of the old gray lettering, but this new DISQUS “upgrade” will not allow me to put links in…I wish Shannon would fix this.

  2. Oh. My. God. It looks very much like the 80’s alt & b/p that used grey lettering & an orange outline which I love. I hope that if they do go with a blue alt next year, it’s like this instead of the orange lettering & white outline. Although, truthfully, I would be perfectly happy with both.

    1. Still doen’t work for me…am I forced to register with DISQUS? When I comment without a link, my name is not blue…that must have something to do with it

      1. There is nothing wrong with the comment section from what we can see. Shannon and I have gone over it with a fine tooth comb. It has to be on your end. Check your cookies on your browser. They might be corrupted. No one else has a complaint about the comments.

        1. Since it happens on multiple computers, I believe it is a DISQUS problem…I will now try to get them to help me figure it out.

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