Speculating on the 2013 All-Star BP Jerseys

After my fruitless visit to the Mets Clubhouse store on 42nd Street in Manhattan (happened to be in the city yesterday) – they won’t have any All-Star gear until the 15th –  I jumped online to see what kind of merchandise was available now.  Pretty basic stuff but then this shirt caught my eye

And what caught my eye specifically were the colors surrounding AL and NL.  Could this be a hint as to the colors each league will have for their BP jerseys?  (As most of you probably know – other than Shannon that is – the BP jerseys are based on the host team’s primary color scheme).  So in this scenario the AL gets the blue and the NL gets the orange.

Just to be clear – I have no knowledge of this, it’s pure, wild speculation.

And if you want to get one of these shirts, you can click here

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