Just wanted to thank everyone not just for reading but for supporting the site with content.

I was blown away yesterday how easy it was to do the ASG logo post thanks to the emails and tweets (@metspolice) coming in.

As many of you know I like to mock the old media for their inability to link, source or admit that anyone else exists, so I pleasure in having the logos up and posted before the old guard could get out of the press conference (no tweeting is allowed during press conferences because it is rude).

“First” means nothing in the age of retweets and a fat guy with an iPhone being able to outplay you without even being there. Eventually everyone will figure that out. Regardless, I enjoyed that.

Life continues to be endlessly busy. Last night I got in after 9 and didn’t even fire up the laptop. Luckily, Dan is taking the leading post today (in a few minutes).

Tonight I will be at Citi Field here hopefully I can spend some money on ASG merch. I really need me one of these caps.


I’m overdue on emailing some of you back (submissions and what not). Thanks for your patience.