Help The MetsPolice Fight Prostate Cancer

There are just 2 days left in the Movember fund raising campaign to raise money to fight testicular & prostate cancer.  At this point we are close to matching what we raised last year but we still need help.

The 7 Line is on board with these efforts and will be donating 20% of the sales from this Bobby V tee shirt to The Blue Cap Army’s Movember fund raiser.

Of course you can always donate directly to The Blue Cap Army – whatever you can give will go towards helping fight testicular and prostate cancer.

Approximately 1 of every 8 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point within their lifetime.  In perspective that means that 5 members of the Mets 40 man roster will probably contract prostate cancer.

Not counting some forms of skin cancer, prostate cancer in the United States is—

  • The most common cancer in men, no matter your race or ethnicity.
  • The second most common cause of death from cancer among white, African American, American Indian/Alaska Native, and Hispanic men.
  • The fourth most common cause of death from cancer among Asian/Pacific Islander men.
  • More common in African-American men compared to white men.
  • Less common in American Indian/Alaska Native and Asian/Pacific Islander men compared to white men.
  • More common in Hispanic men compared to non-Hispanic men.

In 2008 (the most recent year for which numbers are available)—

  • 214,633 men in the United States were diagnosed with prostate cancer.
  • 28,471 men in the United States died from prostate cancer.
The $63 Question: Will you help Wilpons or fight cancer?
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