MetsPolice Awards Nominees Announced: Come to ceremony Sat Jan 5th at 5pm! mazzy awardJoin us THIS SATURDAY at 5pm at Donovan’s in Woodside for the live in person 2012 Mets Police Awards Ceremony (aka “The Mazzys”). Below is a promotional video you should watch, then many of the categories with nominees, then at the bottom some directions to Donovan’s. The pictures in the post do not necessarily telegraph the winners.




mets bowling wright dickeyMets Player of the Year goes to the Mets player who made the biggest impression on the fanbase in a given year. The nominees are…

  • David Wright
  • Daniel Murphy
  • Johan Santana
  • R.A. Dickey







howard megdal



The Gunslinger of The Year is awarded to the most fearless and feistiest of Mets fans….and this year seems focused on twitter.

The nominees for Gunslinger of the year are…

  • Mike Silva @mikesilvamedia
  • Corey NYC @coreynyc
  • Howard Megdal @howardmegdal
  • Tom Watson @tomwatson
  • Mark Healey @mhealeysports






mets metspolice 12 jersey new mets home uniformJersey of the Year goes to the coolest Mets jersey of the year. The nominees are


  • Green St. Patrick’s Day 2012 Murphy #28
  • Mets 1992 Throwback
  • Blue R.A. Dickey Modell’s $20
  • 2012 Home Pinstripe







2012 mets spring training opening day metspolice 076Fan of The Year goes to the Mets fan who had the biggest impact on the Mets fanbase in 2012, whether by incessantly tweeting or by raising money for charity. The nominees are


  • Ed Marcus, the realdirtymetsblog
  • Darren Meenan,
  • Randy Medina, champion of outfield fence design,
  • Taryn Cooper,









ike davis miss americaThe Man Up and Play Better Award goes to the Mets player who reaches deep down and has a better season that the season before. The nominees are…


  • Johan Santana
  • David Wright
  • R.A. Dickey
  • Ike Davis








jeffrey_wilponMets Executive of the Year goes to our favorite “suit” in Flushing. The nominees are

  • Jeff Wilpon, Chief Operating Officer
  • David Howard, my buddy
  • Shannon Forde, media relations
  • Bill Maher, minority owner









dscn5762Best Writer goes to the blogger who is just better at this than the rest of us. The nominees are

  • Randy Medina,
  • Ed Marcus, the realdirtymetsblog
  • Greg Prince, Faith and Fear in Flushing
  • Kelly Lake, Curious Case of Sidd Finch





Kelly Lake




Best Looking goes to the best looking of all Mets bloggers. The nominees are…

  • Kelly Lake, The Curious Case of Sidd Fince
  • Randy Medina,
  • Kerel Cooper,
  • Dareen Meenan,





steak at citi fieldThe Most Powerful Person in the Blogosphere is the Mazzy equivalent of Best Picture. This award goes to the person who can make things happen like no other. The nominees are:


  • Matthew Cerrone ( The Blogfather. The man who can send you thousands of pageviews with the click of his mouse.
  • Supreme Commander Paul Lukas ( Originator of The War to Ditch The Black and defender of nice looking uniforms.
  • Darren Meenan ( for his ability to rally the fanbase with cool positive events like the R.A. Dickey 20th victory outing or the Carter-8 shirts.
  • Pat LaFrieda ( Some say that just half of one of his steak sandwiches can make any blogger sell out his or her convictions.

invite to awards

7-Train to 61st, walk three blocks back under the El toward the city.

LIRR to Woodside. Walk three blocks under the El toward the city.

Donovan’s serves both food and beverages but you will have to pay for your own. The MetsPolice remind you to drink responsibly and never to drink and drive.

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