The M-Files Issue 5: Encounter at Farpoint, The Walking Dead at the CDC, Back to the Future

The M-Files is a weekly divergence from talking about the Mets.  Even The Mets Police have a life outside of The Mets.  These are the sort of things we talk about.  Follow the M-Files on Facebook.

Here’s a photo that Star Trek posted on their Facebook wall.  Am I really supposed to believe that that is Patrick Stewart’s body?  The red doesn’t even seem to be the correct color.

photshopped patrick stewart


Anyway, I started watching things on Amazon Instant Video and hoo-boy Star Trek: The Next Generation started off with a load of crap that is the first episode Encounter at Farpoint.

imagesI couldn’t get past Counselor Troi’s miniskirt. What the hell is she wearing? In what military is a miniskirt and frack me boots a uniform. Plus she sits on the bridge and senses this and that. Useless. And the 80’s Perm isn’t looking too good either.

Conversely, Dr. Crusher is much more MILFy than I remember, although I was 17 then and 43 now and research tells me she was 38ish.

The series was very fortunate that they had Patrick Stewart. Most of the acting (looking at you Denise Crosby, Michael Dorn and Marina Sirtis) is abysmal. Stewart makes the most of his role even if Picard is a bit of a douche in these early episodes.

Another person who deserves a ton of credit is John DeLancie as Q.  One of the series’ best villains was right there from the start.

25+ years later the cameo with DeForest Kelley as presumably Dr. McCoy (the character’s name is never said) seems so-so-forced that it lacks the enjoyment I felt back in 1987.

worf's foreheadThere’s just so much crap.  Worf’s giant forehead.  Data trying to whistle on the holodeck.  The too-tight uniforms.  The crappy saucer separation sub-plot (Picard spends the rest of the series putting the children in jeopardy apparently.)

And of course Wesley anything.




I finished my watching of The Walking Dead Season 1 DVD.  I forgot how much the last episode at the CDC sucked.  If you remember the show went from being supper-gritty to being inside the Galactica (which looks strangely like a hockey arena) with its own super-computer that talks to you like a version of Siri that works.

walking dead jacquiAt the end of the episode this woman decides to stay.  I stared at her the entire re-watch of Season 1 and tried remembering anything about her or what purpose she served.  Nothing.  Apparently her name was Jacqui.  At the last second she seems to have some sort of relationship with T-Dog.  Are they a couple? Friends?  Anyway she dies and I just don’t care.










But the thing that Wins The Internet this year is NY Magazine’s overanalysis of the newspapers in Back to The Future movies.  Here’s a small taste:

But banner headlines to announce that a local author of pulp sci-fi novels has won a book prize? And that a scientist of no known accomplishment has won a civic prize? That merits news above Richard Nixon brazenly violating the 22nd Amendment to seek a fifth presidential term?

back to the future

Seriously, read the whole thing.

That’s it for now.  See everyone tonight at the Dundees Mets Police Awards and depending on when you’re reading this let me be clear, they are SATURDAY Jan 5th at 5pm.

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