1983 Mets Fridays #2: $5 Opening Day Tickets and more

Another look back at the 1983 Mets.  Who wants to go to Opening Day?

1983 Mets yearbook ticket prices

Five bucks. I pasted $5 into this Inflation Calculator and found that $5 in 1983 dollars was like $11.53 in 2012 dollars. Someone should share this information with the Mets.

Look who came back to Shea!

1983 mets yearbook tom seaver

and the promotion calendar looks fun!   Banner Day was a Sunday double-header.  I had that bag on the left and probably still do somewhere.

1983 mets yearbook

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6 Replies to “1983 Mets Fridays #2: $5 Opening Day Tickets and more”

  1. I had the duffle bag on the right. I was at that game on Aug 13th 1983. It was my 1st game at Shea. Mets won and Seaver pitched. I sat in LF. I have the ticket stub somewhere.

    AS far as the bag. I used it all the time. I think the sponsor was Khans… An ex girlfriend swiped it from me with some Met shirts back in 1992….


  2. I also had that bag. One of the best Mets promotional pieces, evah! Built well, strong and tough. Much like the Mets 3 years later. And yes, the sponsor was Kahn’s Hot Dogs. Saw one bag on a street person in Manhattan not long ago. The bag was faded and dirty, but it was there.

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