All the Mets St. Patrick’s Day designs from over the years

Once again here is the 2013 (seems same as the 2012) via @mets.  Interestingly only 5 of these are known to exist…mine (see Friday’s post), @mediagoon’s of the same origin, the one Murph wore in 2012 which someone has contacted me claiming to own, the one Murph will wear today and one Nick from TNT Toys had made.  The first one here is the 2013, the second is Nick’s.

One of only 5 such Murphy 28 jerseys known to exist to mankind.
One of only 5 such Murphy 28 jerseys known to exist to mankind.

2012 mets st. patrick's day murphy

Nick is not messing around. He also has the Kid 8 patch on his 28. I thought only @mediagoon was smart enough to custom like that.

Nick really brought his A game. Here is a 1985 version via Mitchell & Ness. If you don’t know who 18 was on the 1985 Mets then you are in the middle of the wrong post for your level of nerdiness.

1985 mets st. patrick's day jersey

This next one Nick says is late 1980’s, but MBTN shows Mark Carreon wearing 45 in 1990 – regardless, Lukas is gonna lose his mind when he sees the font.

mark carreon mets st. patrick's day jersey circa 1990

The next one Nick says is early 1990’s. Hubie Brooks? D.J. Dozier?

early 1990's mets st. patrick's day jersey

Next, Nick shares his 2006 Joe Smith.

2006 mets st. patrick's day jersey

And finally Nick has this 2008 style. I think I boycotted these or wasn’t in jersey-mania mode yet. You know who #5 is right?

2006 mets st. patrick's day jersey

Now remember back at the top of the post I mentioned only 5 2012 Green 28’s were known to exist? No joke, while I was writing this post I got an email..

Hi Shannon,

Attached are some photos of the Murphy St. Patrick’s Day Jersey from last year. I’ve been a fan of his since watching him play in Brooklyn and have been lucky enough to acquire 19 of his game worn jerseys (18 Mets and 1 Waikiki Beach Boys). I came across your web site a month or so ago and enjoy it. Keep up the good work.


Ron, thanks for reading…and you are a welcome member of the elite club.  I’m wearing mine on saturday as I write this.

2012 daniel murphy mets st. patrick's day jersey

murphy 28 st. patrick's day jersey


Finally, @meidagoon and I like the hat that Kevin Kierst has whipped up…so Goonie sent @RachWynn to the PSL store where she only found these.  I find the third one racist, the first one boring and the middle one an abomination against Zod.

mets 2013 st. patrick day caps for sale

And what the hell..let’s blow out all the items in one gigantic post.  Here is what I am debuting today.  Yes it’s a little off-brand but if you have a Miami Reyes or a Toronto Dickey you get it.

mitchell and ness seaver reds st. patrick's day

mitchell and ness reds seaver st. patrick's day



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5 Replies to “All the Mets St. Patrick’s Day designs from over the years”

  1. I’m not Irish, but growing up in NYC, I was always told the worst color you can wear on St. Patrick’s Day is orange.

    1. You could wear orange if it was part of the Green white and orange, but orange alone meant you were repping the protestants from the north.

    1. Don’t know… in fact, I don’t really care about St. Patrick’s Day games from 1993-2011 being that the Mets didn’t wear green jerseys…

      But I do know this year was an awful lot like last year…
      The Mets played Atlanta both times
      They lost by 1 run in both games
      Jon Niese started both games
      Niese also pitched well in both & got a no-decision in both.

      1. Ill tell you when they win on St Pattys day! The last 20 times they won dating back to 1984 they had winning regular season record!

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