Did David Wright pull strings to get Keith Miller a banner outside Citi Field?

@jimbojoker38 asked why Keith Miller has a banner outside Citi Field.

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 8.09.47 PM

Seems curious, right?

Then read this.

So Keith Miller is an agent.  Interesting.

And (at least in 2010) the Daily News says his firm is David Wright’s firm.

And there they are on a banner together.

spock suit

4 Replies to “Did David Wright pull strings to get Keith Miller a banner outside Citi Field?”

  1. Keith Miller?!?!? Are they SERIOUS? How about one for Donn Clendenon — he’s only our 1969 World Series MVP!! Jeez, I swear, the guys who make these decisions have their heads up their asses half the time. The all-around decision-making going on at Citi Field is pathetic. Your comments about the lack of courtesies coming from the ushers was on point. Last night’s game, bottom of the eighth, we’re trying to move down and a nice usher allowed us to make it to the second row behind the Mets dugout. We weren’t in the seats 30 seconds before another usher arrogantly made us leave. Bottom of the eighth, Mets losing 4-0 (with another god-awful performance by Jonathan Niese), stadium less than half full, and they’re going to get all cop-like and bounce 3 of us out of an already-empty row. If I didn’t love the Mets so much, I’d hate them.

  2. As a Met fan who grew up in the 80’s and 90’s, I’m all for more banners of obscure, mediocre players from that era. Let’s see some Mark Carreon, Jeff Innis, and Charlie O’Brien!

  3. Um, who cares? I liked Millsie when he was a Met and in a darker time then now (people love to forget the underachieving late ’80’s and the nauseatingly bad early ’90’s) he was a bright spot. I’m glad he has a banner. He’s a guy that played hard and played the game correctly.

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