2013 All Star Game Batting Practice Hats

Just bought these at Citi Field.



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8 Replies to “2013 All Star Game Batting Practice Hats”

  1. What’s with the resurgence of the white front panel on all the new batting practice hats? I feel like I’m playing little league baseball with community sponsors again.

    1. At Citi Field..I just updated the post with that. Sorry I left it out. I was lulled into sleep by the game.

  2. Do they have the blank ASG BP jerseys there? If so are they like the past BP with numeric sizing or are they like the authentics with number sizing?

    1. please tell me the difference between number and numeric sizing! i thought numbers were numerals…..?

  3. I actually really like those, but I don’t live in new york, is there any way to get one if you live outside of the state? I have checked mlb’s site but they don’t have THOSE hats, they have a bunch of other ones.

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