October 1986 Diamondvision: Congratulations Red Sox World Series Champions

@thecrazymetsfan just tweeted this. I guess in all the times I have watched my Game 6 video that I never noticed it. I knew it happened but could never find an image on the interwebs.

Those in the park that night in 1986 said this flashed on Diamondvision.

Well Mets fans here you go…



In other news, Marlon Byrd is still on the team.

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  1. That’s got to be a fake image. The ad on top of the Diamond Vision in 1986 was for Sharp, not Delta.

    My understanding is that the “congratulations Red Sox” message flashed so quickly that nobody could have gotten a shot of it, even if they had a camera constantly aimed at the Diamond Vision during the entire game.

  2. If I remember correctly the NBC telecast showed the message right around the time they showed the now-shaven Roger Clemens in the bullpen…

    1. I just checked the NBC broadcast as shown on You Tube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0jV_kNs2p0), and I didn’t see any “congratulations Red Sox” message. I’m sure if it did appear on the broadcast, we’d have an image of it by now.

      You may be thinking of the NBC graphic showing Marty Barrett as the player of the game (3:18:37). Clemens appears a couple of minutes after that, but by that time he’s in the dugout.

  3. This isn’t a fake image…but it’s not from 1986. It’s from 2008 (or so) on the last generation, widescreen HD Diamondvision. They recreated the message for ESPN after a game. You can see 2008 Shea mixed in with 1986 footage here:
    I was working at Shea the day they did it; it was after a game when most (or all) of the fans had left.

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