A recap of a Mets-Giants telecast from 1979!!!

mets vs giants

Osh41 sent me a major treat – a video of Mets vs. Giants from 1979.  So I watched it and live blogged it.

This is the kind of thing I wish SNY would do. A random game.  I had no idea what I was about to watch.  No idea who won.  No idea what happened.  But what a treat.

This is my favorite thing I have posted in quite some time.  It’s quite picture intensive (which slows down the main page) so continue reading after the jump for a fun full recap!  I will leave this at the top of the blog all weekend.  New material will roll out below.


Bob Murphy, Ralph Kiner and Steve Albert have the call.  Albert hung wayyyy back when paired with Bob.  Bob might as well have been alone.

Murphy mentions this fellow is with the local ice capades show. I wonder if he enjoys cookies.

1979 mets giants

bob murphy 1979 mets.com

Batting third and playing CF, the team leader in RBIs

lee mazzilli 1979
lee mazzilli 1979 mets metspolice.co

The Mets went down 1-2-3 in the first after Mazz grounded into a DP. Then Craig Swan took the hill. I remembered I have Swan’s email so I sent him a note telling him where to find the video. (MLBAM likes to disappear things so you will have to figure it out for yourself, not too hard.)

1979 mets craig swan metspolice.com Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 6.35.46 PM

SPOLIER….oh sh*t. Swan gave up 3 in the first. I hope he doesn’t think I was being a jerk sending him the link. 3-0 Giants after one.

Here’s a look at the uniforms of the time. My father used to comment on these in the old Mets Police News Sheet which was mailed to you once a month if you send in a self addressed stamped envelope.

1979 mets

At this point it occurs to me the Giants had only been gone 22 years. That’s like 1991 to you. Not so long ago, right? Right after I typed that Murph reminded me this was the Mets’ 18th season. 18th.

Murphy tells me May 19th will be Lee Mazzilli Poster Day. A younger version of me will be there.

I am loving the disco bumpers into commercials.

Albert has said like five words. If you put me in a booth with Vin Scully there would be more talking.

John Stearns got a hit.

1979 Mets john stearns metspolice.com

john stearns 1979 mets metspolice.com

And the next batter Doug Flynn also got a hit. That’s why you trade Tom Seaver for him!

1979 mets doug flynn metspolice.com

Why oh why can’t someone figure out a way to air this on SNY?

Ralph Kiner has joined Murph and says the rain is a mist. “It mist Oregon and hit California.” Murph did not react to Ralph’s joke.

Both Murph and Kiner are pleased the Giants have gotten rid of Astroturf and returned to grass.

I appreciate the way Murphy says “Traveeno” ignoring the Treviño pronunciation.  This was back in the day where announcers didn’t care how yo said your name and if you spelled your name Jesus they just said it with the English pronunciation.

I’m sure if I had twitter in 1979 I would have observed every Mazzilli at bat the way I do with Daniel Murphy, so here’s some more shots of Mazz.

1979 lee mazzilli mets metspolice.com1979 mets lee mazzilli metspolice.com

Speaking of trading Tom Seaver…here’s Steve Henderson. Take a close look at the uniform – two buttons at the collar of the pullover.

Steve Henderson 1979 mets metspolice.com

The phrase “Invent The Scorebug!” goes through my mind.

Murph is doing the scoreboard and mentions the Red Sox are up at least 11-4. It’s 1979 so it’s not like we are sure what the score is back in Boston. Maybe someone can call their press box.

SPOILER: John Stearns is up with two runners on. Can he get a rally going?

john stearns mets metspolice.com

Yes he can with an RBI double – but he is upset that Youngblood stopped at third.

mets police mets john stearns 1979 mets

Doug Flynn is the 8th place batter. Manager Joe Torre may bat for Swan if the inning keeps going, and has this kid Jesse Orosco warming up. Orosco came over in the Koosman trade so this kid better not be a bum.

jesse orosco 1979 mets metspolice.com
1979 mets jesse orosco metspolice.com

Flynn grounded out. Still 4-1 Giants.

Billy North things he can steal second against catcher John Stearns.

1979 mets metspolice.com

North is wrong.

mets giants 1979 metspolice.com tavares

A well hit ball to left-center. Henderson and Mazz converge.

lee mazzilli 1979 mets metspolice.com

Steve Albert, totally coincidentally related to Marv, takes over on play by play and man is he TERRIBLE. I’d love to know how he got this job. Did I mention he is the brother of Marv Albert and it is 1979. He also has a nephew Kenny but I digress. Steve also says Traveeno.

Frank Tavares is picked off. Mets manager Joe Torre, who would amount to nothing is his managerial career in Queens, does not like the call. Good luck getting another job in New York.

1979 mets joe torre metspolice.com

1979 mets joe torre

Traveeno triples although Steve’s call is about as enthusiastic as I am when Mrs. Mets Police tells me we are going to church. Mazzilli, batting .279, comes up – hits a bullet to third but Darrell Evans makes a good play and gets Mazz at first.

lee mazzilli 1979 mets metspolice.com

Suddenly the game skips ahead and it is 6-4 Giants after 7. No idea what happened and I don’t want to spoil myself but Willie Mays is on Team Schaefer in a commercial. Let’s look at his uniform!

willie mays beer ad metspolice.com

willie mays beer ad metspolice.com

willie mays beer ad metspolice.com

willie mays beer ad metspolice.com

willie mays beer ad metspolice.com

This kid Orosco comes in to pitch. He had better do something meaningful in his Mets career or I am never going to get over the Koosman trade!

jesse orosco 1979 mets metspolice.com

jesse orosco 1979 mets metspolice.com

jesse orosco 1979 mets metspolice.com

With the Giants pitcher at bat, Steve mentions that he looks like an accountant. Ralph the jokester says something like “but he accounts for good pitching.” Now I’m remembering why I didn’t like Ralph’s announcing until McCarver got there and figured out how to use him.

Ralph just told me LEE MAZZILLI TIED THE GAME IN THE 7TH WITH A HOMER.  That’s the missing inning.  This is obviously an elaborate punk-job by Osh41.  Why the hell is the one missing inning the inning where my favorite player of all time homered?

Jack Clark homered in the bottom of the 7th to give the Giants the lead.  It would not be the last Mets game Clark ruined.  At least Swan won’t take the loss and won’t think I am a douche for sending this to him.

Orosco is relieved by Dwight Bernard who wears number 28.  I will not be with 28 for another 30 years.

Kiner gives the “due up” and he too says Traveeno.

The Mets lost 6-4 and Kiner had the recap.  Jesse Orosco was the losing pitcher, the first of his career.

raplh kiner 1979 mets

The paid crowd 6,960.  Ralph said paid crowd but he probably meant turnstile count which is how the NL did it then.

The Mets went on to finish 63-99.

Lee Mazzilli was .303 15 and 79 was an All Star, and at age 24 was sure to be the Mets centerfielder for years.  Who knows, maybe if I l follow this lousy team long enough Mazzilli will win a World Series with the Mets.



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  1. Remember that the most notable Trevino at the time was still golfer Lee Trevino. And his name was pronounced Traveeno.

    I distinctly remember when the Mets announcers started making a concerted attempt (Maybe in 1980) to pronounce Alex’s name Treveenyo. Alex also got an accent over the n on his uniform nameplate as a reminder.

    I agree, I’d love to see some random game like this on SNY every now and then.

  2. Thanks for recapping this. Far more fun than today’s loss. I prefer game-deciding home runs allowed by Orosco over Feliciano. And 1979 was a totally lost year–the absolute pits. Still don’t know how/why they didn’t fire Torre when the club was sold.

  3. Would they have to get premission by MLB to show a game from any time from begining to end. but i totally would love it during the offseason. especally a game where The orginals like Kinner, Murphy and Lindsey. people need to see Lindsey’s jackets.

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