Uni Watch on Mets camo jerseys

In this morning’s Uni Watch, Paul Lukas says…

Even if you accept that (the previous sentence mentions the “strong military culture” of San Diego) as a good reason to wear camo which I most assuredly do not, for reasons I’ve explained many times and won’t bother repeating here, what exactly is the Mets’ excuse? Is there some “strong military culture” here in New York that I’ve been overlooking during the quarter-century I’ve been living here?

via Uni Watch » Monday Morning Uni Watch.

@dtwohig mentioned the same thing on twitter.

From a pure jerseys standpoint I think the occasional alt is fun and I bet I wind up getting one.

As for the “military culture” – the Mets honor a veteran at every single home game and Fred is active in Welcome Home Veterans, so I don’t think this is completely from left field.

And for funs sake – clearly this is Bread and Circuses and meant to take our focus off the Mets not signing anyone.  (Joke.  I think.)