Received My Mets 20 Game Ticket Book Yesterday

I got home from work yesterday to see I had a UPS box from the Mets. I knew it could be only one thing. My 20 game plan tickets. Last year with the All Star Game being held at Citi Field, there was no “gift” from the team included with the tickets. This year it is a black and gray messenger bag(BTW still nothing beats INJOY THE FLOATING FEELING anti gravity ball gift). The word METS imprinted on the outside flap. I went online and priced them out. They start at $12.45 a piece with a minimum order of 24 wholesale.



Pretty Simple.

Here is the Ticket Plan Holder Welcome Guide.



How did Colon make the cover? No Murphy? No Wheeler? Granderson I get… Was Colon a big time “get”?



Welcome letter…YADA YADA YADA


The Captain on the cover… I like the art design of the cover.



Is this a sign that he might be an every day player?

There were three tidbits that I gleaned from that is new for the 20 game plan holder. Besides the 10% off in the regular stores at Citi, there is also 10% off on the Amazing Memorabilia too.

Planholders can also get preferred pre paid parking also. I haven’t gotten all the details yet, but this was something I have asked for in previous years. I am curious to see where the sections are.

As a plan holder you can also order single game tickets at 20 game plan holders prices.



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  1. metspolice Mediagoon LOL u covered sec# on the middle ticket and it’s not solid but you missed the tik to the right. I KNOW WHERE YOU SIT

  2. SaltyGary metspolice it’s find with me- hard to miss me anyway- I usually announce were I’m sitting game day

  3. .SaltyGary Mediagoon Goon is a big redhead who wears a jersey that says MEDIAGOON. I don’t think he is trying to hide.

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