Expos Day 2014 | ExposNation invades Queens while @the7linearmy is distracted by wedding!

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While The 7 Line Army is doing this today…

…our home stadium is being invaded from the North!


ExposNation’s 2014 fan game will be July 12 at Citi Field in New York. Make a statement to Major League Baseball that Montreal wants its baseball team back. Buy your tickets at Mets.com/ExposNation and you’ll automatically be sitting with fellow Expos fans.

Can’t make it to NY on this day? No problem. Wear your Expos apparel and bring #ExposDay signs to your nearest MLB park (and let us know about it!).

Want to fly to and from the New York game? Book with WestJet and enter promo code CC8369 in the 7 days before or after July 12 and get 10% off!

Be loud. Be proud. Tell the baseball world that you want your team back! Share this page with as many friends as possible!

Don’t forget – Use #ExposDay as the official hashtag on Twitter

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and….look who is part of this!

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16 Replies to “Expos Day 2014 | ExposNation invades Queens while @the7linearmy is distracted by wedding!”

  1. metspolice kind of confused by this. It’s being sold on the Mets site but it’s for Expos fans to show the league they want baseball back?

  2. DarrenJMeenan metspolice This is very odd. Wouldn’t it make more sense to be a game against the Nationals?

  3. DarrenJMeenan metspolice The Mets should do this for all causes. “Like Cookies? Show Your Support By Coming To A Met Game For Some Reason”

  4. pete807 metspolice not hating on it. Just seems weird. Don’t know how much Expos fan traffic the Mets site gets.

  5. DarrenJMeenan metspolice Sounds like a scheme to find a team that can be “moved” to Canada. Just saying. Sorta joking.

  6. DarrenJMeenan metspolice so strange, especially since they didnt show up for their own games when they had a team

  7. DarrenJMeenan metspolice What’s the confusion? The Mets are offering us a group rate and seating us all together.

  8. ExposNation DarrenJMeenan metspolice And the Mets are a sad, pathetic franchise that needs to sell seats, what’s the confusion?

  9. .DarrenJMeenan I think the ExposNation thing is cool. Imagine the Mets folded – we could still 7 Lime Army a road trip to try to get team

  10. JDMcNugentMets ExposNation DarrenJMeenan metspolice I hope yo’re not suggesting that selling tickets to Expos fans makes them pathetic.

  11. .StevenNYM65 right but if fans want to take action to get a team we should applaud them, no? Not that any fan base deserves to be stolen

  12. metspolice Of course. Good for them. As long as they hijack another city’s team.

  13. metspolice StevenNYM65 Would love to see back in MTL; that was a good city till 94. Hope OAK & TB took notice of 100K in 2 days.

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