Merch for Merch’s sake: here’s the Mets’ memorial day cap

2014 mets memorial day cap

@mets_bro who always gets these right says..

So…why couldn’t they just wear the blue camo? I know this is a league-wide thing (do I know that? Well it was in the past). But there’s really no reason for this to exist since they have a brand new really similar cap.

And whatever happened to Stars and Stripes? Why does MLB have this camp festish? Is there a camo market in New York they feel is untapped? I haven’t seen anyone wearing camo anything yet, have you?

5 Replies to “Merch for Merch’s sake: here’s the Mets’ memorial day cap”

  1. Of course you haven’t seen anyone wearing camo… That’s the whole point of camo…

  2. Assuming the camo is here to stay, the Mets need to get away from the blue with the desert camo and stick with the orange, it matches so much better.

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