True New Yorkers merch is on sale at Citi Field

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7 Replies to “True New Yorkers merch is on sale at Citi Field”

  1. Would a true New Yorker actually have to buy anything to prove he is a Met fan? They don’t seem like they are going to let this theme go!
    Can we just win a ball game or two and true New Yorkers might come out and support this team.

  2. FL Met Fan Rich the crowd as actually pretty good last night. i felt an energy, at least until late in the game, that i hadn’t seen or felt throw descriptions in a while. and i had to ruin it by finding that towel.

  3. I live in Cooperstown, does that mean I can’t be a Mets fan? That is what I get from this marketing disaster.

  4. metspolice Mets are kidding themselves. True New Yorkers want to win, something the mets don’t do.

  5. MetFaninCooperstown How on Earth do you get that you can’t be a Mets fan if you live in Cooperstown from this merchandise?  It doesn’t exclude anyone who isn’t from New York.  Plus, you actually do live in New York.  It doesn’t distinguish between the city and the state.

  6. I found that opening day.  Now I’m from upstate NY.  Does that mean I can’t be a Mets fan since I’m not from the city?

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