NY Times floats hacking theory over Mets logo change

Some really bizarre theories floated here…..

Alteration to Mets Logo on Twitter and Facebook Draws Attention – NYTimes.com.


…so I’m to believe some hacker went in and changed the twitter icon and Facebook icon but didn’t bother to tweet or post one rascally thing about losing, the lawsuit, or anything else a rascally hacker might post?  And this hacker did the prank back in November to no reaction and then again this weekend?

Also the version of the logo on NYTimes.com this morning at 7:36am does not appear to my eyes color-wise to be the one used on twitter (by the supposed hacker).

This is a screen shot I took
This is a screen shot I took
NYTimes.com version from 9/17  7:36am
NYTimes.com version from 9/17 7:36am

What’s scary is now that there is a more color-accurate version of the Citigroup logo it is more likely to circulate.