A proposal for the statue discussion and mall complaints


There are those (I am one) who make Marge Face at the idea of the mall being built on the site of the present parking lot.  More on that in a second.

On Twitter today there is a large discussion of having a statue for Seaver or statues for Seaver, Hodges, Carter and whoever else you’d like to discuss.

Here is my proposal…

The Mets should take an idea from the Cardinals and build upon it. (Click that link to see what it looks like)

Laid out along the same lines as the old ballpark’s diamond, the Busch 2 Infield gives fans a chance to walk the sacred ground once tread upon by legends. Complemented by food booths and a videoboard, the site offers a prime gathering space for pregame ceremonies and activities, as well as movie nights and other events when baseball takes a break.

So while building your mall, preserve the Shea infield.  It will be less of a sin against the baseball gods.

While preserving the infield, what better place for a Seaver statue than where the mound was.  And you could put a statue of Gary Carter behind home.  And Gil in the dugout.  And many years from now David Wright at third.

That way when I make my way to the TJ Maxx on the public parkland I won’t be as pissed off as I smile at what a great job the Mets did by honoring their history and creating such a cool space.



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  1. metspolice that feels like the clincher to the championship nice job by sandy and Freddie coupon #brutal

  2. I’ve always felt that if they build the mall with some resemblance to Shea and leave the infield area in peace (used as a rotunda or something), I’d feel better about it. Everything mentioned above would also be nice, though people would certainly complain that the statues were hidden away in the mall instead of out in the open. I’m NOT holding my breath. 

    Still, between the loss in parking and the airport security, I can’t see how any of this will attract more people to Flushing.

    –wait a minute, what was that thing they were building next to Shea from 2006-2008? Wasn’t THAT a mall?

  3. metspolice or at bat, unless that puts the statue too close to the Kid and attracts too many pigeons.

  4. metspolice The Busch Stadium statue walk is great. They even have a statue of Jack Buck with his calls playing on 24 hour continuous loop.

  5. metspolice I think Seaver gets the big statue & give smaller ones to Shea, Payson, Hodges, Stengel, Piazza, Keith, Doc & Lindsey/Bob/Ralph.

  6. Ralph Kiner statue.
    Paint the bridge Orange w/ cool ass street art.
    Malls died in the 80’s.

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