Ranking the history of Mets green jerseys


Let’s take a look at some of the green Mets jerseys from over the years.

First up, as we know, black ruins everything and it sure ruins this one.


I also hate this one because it is a Reds jersey.  What kind of idiot franchise trades away Tom Seaver?

mitchell and ness seaver reds st. patrick's day20130317-132148.jpg

The green racing strip jersey is a favorite of mine because of nostalgia.  I remember at the time thinking these were way cool and I wanted one, but civilians did not have access to jerseys back then.

green mets hernandez jersey

This next one was a great one, and @mediagon and I had out customized with 28’s and a Kid-8 patch.  I don’t love the white underpanels which ruins so many jerseys, but I do like this one and am wearing it today.

2012 daniel murphy mets st. patrick's day jersey murphy 28 st. patrick's day jersey

terry collins regis philbin

But at #1 I am going to put the Murphy designed Player’s Choice.  This made a brief appearance in stores in the year Murphy got hurt in spring and we thought we’d never see him again (IKE DAVIS IS HERE, SCREW MURPHY!) so the Mets team store discounted it to $30 and I scooped it up.  As much as I hate black it looks cool on this jersey.

daniel murphy players choice mets jersey metspolice.com

player's choice jersey
#imwith28 billboard mets daniel murphy

I feel like I forgot one.  Remind me if I did.

Update- Goon here having to save Shannon again from his metsmento forgetfulness. Here is the latest St. Paddy’s Day Mets BP jersey. It’s in the style of the newer blue and orange BP jerseys that the team wears.

This is a Granderson with Kiner patch I had done at stitches.

I also have an Irish Night Cyclones jersey that’s I am going to see if I can find while I am at work. It seems I have become the MP historian as well as the second in command.

And here’s the Brooklyn Cyclones green Jersey from a few years ago. That is a picture of Shannon’s jersey and hat.

8 Replies to “Ranking the history of Mets green jerseys”

  1. Maybe it’s because I don’t have much Irish in me (okay, there’s a little on my Dad’s side), but I’ve never understood the need for the green jerseys. To me, these are 10x more hideous and blasphemous than the black jerseys that are often derided (especially here on this site) 😉 Fortunately, they get worn once a year and then hidden after that.

  2. metspolice Why can’t they always do the racing stripe jersey for St. Patrick’s Day?!

  3. metspolice I have a Chinese replica of the Keith Hernandez Irish jersey and I love it. My fave though I love them all

  4. factor71_rjn metspolice that’s not a replica- that’s a knockoff and probably looks horrendous

  5. metspolice Always. You present things in a different way and aren’t afraid to be critical when many can’t be

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