Ranking the history of green Mets caps

Let’s take a look at some green Mets caps throughout history.

First we have the worst Mets cap of any kind, even worse than the hybrids, and it’s the offensive stereotype cap that was even worn on field in 2014.  Fortunately the Mets have seen the error of their ways and we now can visit this in a museum along with the racist Indians caps.

This is the 2011 version of the cap but same image
This is the 2011 version of the cap but same image



Next we have the same offensive image, but the cap is solid green.


While the green/orange combo looks better than all green, at least this wasn’t worn during a game.



This next hat exists but….yuck!

orange and green mets cap


Another yuck….


green mets cap

Then we have some “MLB Shop makes some generic all-teams crap and hopes people buy it.”  They aren’t ugly but they are soulless.

white and green mets cap green mets cap


While not a Mets cap, I found this one in the files.  Cyclones get it done.  Whoever is the COO of the Cyclones is really good at this stuff.

green irish cyclones cap


Mets fans living in Oakland, or A’s fans living in Queens might rock this cap from Strictly Fitteds.





Here’s a vintage Irish Night green Mets cap that I have held onto all these years.  Nice.  The kind of cap you could wear to Greg Prince’s St. Patrick’s Day get-together.

original irish night green mets cap




What goes around comes around, because here is the 2015 on-field cap, a modern take on the above!

2015 mets on field cap st. patricks day

Good to see MLB has seen the error of its offensive ways.



Next we see Terry Collins in a perfectly nice green Mets cap with white trim.  Snazzy.



The best of the green Mets caps is this green and orange combo, looking snazzy on Terry Collins.  Nice cap.


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  1. You need to go to all the irish bars and tell them how racist they are for using leprechauns in their Windows and their decorations. Then you need to call up Hollywood and complain about the leprechaun franchise. Then boycott party city for them selling the leprechaun costumes… Still don’t get how a mythic creature is racist.

  2. Mediagoon it’s not racist. It’s a fictional elf. No different from Santa Claus. Please, Shannon, explain why a mythical elf is the same as an Indian (or a jew, or a chinaman, as you claimed in a previous post). And please make it Matt Harvey’s fault so we can encapsulate this whole websites purpose in one post.

  3. The use of a leprechaun logo would be analogous to using a Chinese Dragon inspired logo for Chinese New Year, not the offensive “Chinamen” hat from an earlier post. It’s not a stereotype of an Irish person, like the drunken cop with the thick accent. It’s a part of Irish folklore. I’m Irish (ok, half Irish) and I never thought of leprechauns as offensive.

  4. We live in an age of easy outrage.  It’s Mr. Met dressed as a Leprechaun, get over yourself.

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