Which is the one MLB ballpark that won’t have a metal detector by Opening Day?


These seems pretty risky.  I mean with there being such a huge threat isn’t MLB being reckless by allowing one stadium to open without metal detectors?  Is there no way to bring in portable detectors (like the Yankees did for Game 1 of the 2009 World Series) to is the expense not worth it?  Does MLB want us to be safe or just mostly safe?

Right now, MLB officials say the screening program will be in effect at 29 ballparks by opening day, and full fan screening will be phased in throughout April.

via MLB now requiring metal detector screenings at every ballpark | Big League Stew – Yahoo Sports.

Security Theater.  You are still at risk in the parking lot or 10 feet from the gates.

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  1. I went to Yankee Stadium yesterday for the NYCFC match. The metal detectors were a huge fiasco. They broke down, the team handed out magnets BEFORE the metal detectors. Massvie cluster. Quite a few people didn’t make it through in time. I waited 25 minutes in line they broke down and they just told the crowd to go to another line. I said screw that and waited they were fixed in 10 minutes and I walked right in. Still it’s like the airport arrive at least an hour before the game. More if there are going to be crowds (ie  Opening Day, Mets/Yankees, etc). I personally see it as a ploy to get us to spend more money. Come early and shop. SMH

  2. Please keep covering this issue. It’s crazy that so few other outlets are covering it. I’m guessing that most media members have forgotten what it’s like to go to a stadium as a fan.

  3. AndreT_NY was at the game too, completely agree with the experience. i missed the first 20 minutes. entered on a side gate, we got the magnets too waiting on line… which i thought was silly if your mandating everyone to go through a medal detector. Our line all of a sudden really started to move, turns out the security team gave up and was telling everyone don’t worry about the detector just walk though.   In my opinion, this security  program will create more problems… some fans will get frustrated and some might cut the line… this will start fights. I can’t go to games with my elderly father as he won’t be able to stand in line, and he sure won’t accept going to the front if that was some option. 

    i think i will stick to going to brooklyn or staten island for minor league games….unless they add this silly security theater there in the future as well.

    to mets police, im a long time reader, first time commenter. the daily posts are great, and i have seen no other media cover the silly security theater as done here, please keep it up.

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