Daniel Murphy: still here, still the core of the Mets

Daniel Murphy 2014 All Star Game

Daniel Murphy.   Wind up and let him go.

This morning Murph wakes up to a .286 batting average, just shy of his career .289.  This after an atrocious April (following not much Spring Training) where even I was wondering if he was going to cost him self in his free agency.  Great job getting those numbers up.

Now about that free agency.

So many have come to replace Murph.  We’ve had Emaus and Ike and JV1 and now there is supposedly some kid named Dilson Herrera.  However, it’s Murph who stays in the lineup.

We’ll find out later today if we’re ever going to see the incumbent third baseman this year or ever.  In the meantime, the manager plays Murph at a position he learned rather than his natural third base, a shortstop at third base and a second baseman at shortstop.  Yet, Murph soldiers on, counting down the days to his inevitable free agency because the Mets are cheap and don’t want to have major leaguers on their team.

There’s something to be said for having major leaguers, and Sandy seems to think that .289 hitters grow on trees although he seems unable to populate his lineup with them.

Murph should not be the best guy on a baseball team.  He should be a nice solid complimentary player you don’t think about until he gets the big hit in Game 6 of the World Series.  However, year after year, on this cast of misfits he winds up being the best player and yet too many people can’t wait to get rid of him.

Is Dilson Herrera truly going to be here for ten years?  Or is he yet another name on the list.  Is the Captain returning, and if so at what level?

Go with what you know.
Go with what you know.


Murph can play.  As Adama says, “Go with what you know.”  Always good advice.  Sign him.