I’d Just As Soon Kiss A Mookiee episode 7 – Battlefront, Rebels, Doubleday, Old Timers’ Day


A fantastic episode this week as Greg Prince joins Jason and I for a lengthy discussion of the Mets, with some Star Wars news mixed in.   Please pass around, like, subscribe via iTunes, repost on Soundcloud,  retweet, share on Facebook and all that.

A podcast about the New York Mets and about Star Wars.

00:00 Star Wars Battlefront
07:00 Rebels Season 2 premiere
11:40 Star Wars Guilt
14:00 The magic of movies on ABC

17:00 Greg Prince joins us
18:00 Nelson Doubleday
26:00 Steinbrenner and can the Wilpons be loved
30:25 No Doubleday patch
33:30 Old Timers’ Day
51:00 Banner Day
60:00 The worst 2nd place team ever
70:00 Terry Collins: his fault?
75:00 Eric Campbell
80:30 The Keith and Ron booth