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I don’t even want to use the title of the article to which I link in my headline because I do not want to perpetuate a ridiculous commentary.  You can read that article and its headline here:  THE7LINE HARDLY THE BEST REPRESENTATION OF METS FANS | The Port St. Lucie Sun

Let’s dive in, shall we?

But 1,000 fans sitting together, dressed up in silly costumes with toy thunder sticks would be as irritating as anything I could imagine if fans from another team did it at, oh, let’s say, Citi Field.

Silly costumes.


Silly costumes.  OK.

Imagine if that same group of Braves fans in New York taunted you, a fan of the home team, when you walked by?

Imagine if that same group of Braves fans in New York throughout the game reminded you that John Rocker, back in 1999, wasn’t only not wrong, he was dead on correct with his SI comments?

What?  How did we get from Let’s Go Mets and Loo-kus Doo-duh to John Rocker?

I sat with T7LA in Chicago whenever that trip was.  We had a great time chanting back and forth with the left field bleachers.  They would chant something, we would chant back.  It was all in good fun.

In all, it gives Mets fans a bad name — and quite frankly, I think a lot of us could live without that misnomer.

I don’t get it.  At all.  A group of Mets fans sits together and has a good time at a baseball game.  They don’t go wilding through the park attacking opposing fans.  They chant Lucas Duda and Let’s Go Mets.

The article also implies that The 7 Line was somehow cooler before it had a licensing agreement with MLB or whoever approves such things.

If you started a business and could make it bigger, would you not?  If you started a t-shirt business would you not want to use a Mets logo or use the word Wright?  Would you not want to have a place to sell your merch at the main place your customers hang out?

I don’t know what’s in the air but there seems to be some misguided jealousy out there.  Darren is living the dream.  He gets to do what he loves with some freedom to not wear a suit and tie and be stuck in an office from 9 to 5.  I bet many of you aspire to that.

If you ever meet Darren he is pretty humble.  There is not an air about him about how his company is awesome.  Not even a hint of suggesting that his group are the best fans or how someone should root (quite the opposite).  It’s just supposed to be fun.  Nobody holds a gun to your head and makes you go to Atlanta or Colorado or buy a shirt.

Success always brings haters whether you’re a cool band, a hit TV show or a t-shirt entrepreneur.   There’s always a small group from the beginning that thinks X isn’t as cool as it was when only six people knew about it.  You will never please everyone.  If your band can sell out stadiums then sell out stadiums and don’t worry about the folks who are mad you no longer play small clubs.  If people want to buy shirts, then sell them shirts.

Hardly the best representation of Mets fans?  If 750 people traveling to another city to go have fun together isn’t a good representation, I don’t know what is.   Now everyone go sit separately and quietly contemplate how much you love this team.  And wear a suit.

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  1. John Rocker? they went there? And if I was a Braves fan I’d be insulted with the implication that I agreed with what John Rocker said – and two – has this author ever been to either a Red Sox or Yankee game? And lord a Goshen I’d bet the author would weep to hear the chants at a British Soccer game.

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