Mookiee Podcast Episode 10: Mets Chaos!

We’re back from our international vacations. First of two back to back episodes, this one is just Mets to catch up and accommodate production schedules. Shannon is in a car, Jason is watching the Mets blow the lead.

00:00 Food Drive July 31 and August 1
02:00 The Mets trade for Carlos Gomez!
08:45 Media in 2015
19:00 Did you like the Carlos Gomez trade?

24:00 Conforto
24:01 The Mets start to blow the game as Jason watches
25:00 Shannon admits he thrives on the chaos
27:45 Actual Major Leaguers!
28:30 Jason’s head explodes
29:20 Tyler Clippard!
30:00 Mejia

32:30 The Gary/Ron Booth and Keith

36:30 How beloved will Terry Collins be?