Bartolo Colon for Game 3!

Another nice win (12, one more than certain other pitchers) for Bart.

I think it’s clear JDG is the ace this year, and as much as I like busting his chops I think MH is a big game pitcher and I’d want to throw him as much as possible in a short series.

But beyond that, depending on the opponent and how they hit against lefties, who do you trust right now?  Niese?  Thor?  The rookie Matz we have barely seen?

Maybe Bart should pitch Game 3?

He’s been one of the best Mets free agent signings ever.  Wins games, eats innings, takes his turns, no drama.  Nice job Bart. I’m sorry you won’t be here next year, but I’m sure you’ll go 14-10 for Boston or somone.