I’d Just As Soon Kiss A Mookiee 20 with @MatthewCerrone


A podcast about the Mets and Star Wars. This week we are joined by Matthew Cerrone of MetsBlog.com. Some smart chat with Matt about the Mets, and some fun Star Wars on the back end. Nice episode!

00:00 Has the circus left town?
03:00 Blogging in an era of a winning team
06:00 Blog-Snobbing about posting the lineup

12:30 We ask Matt Cerrone if he sold out to the Mets
17:00 Is Matt a shill?

21:00 Matt Harvey handling (or not) of the media spotlight

25:00 Matt’s favorite Star Wars character is….
27:00 SPOILER Star Wars The Force Awakens rumor
29:00 Star Wars 8 rumor about Darth Maul

31:00 Please subscribe and rate the podcast
32:00 Hey the Mets made the playoffs!
35:00 Keith Hernandez

36:00 What if the Dodgers win?
37:00 What if the Cardinals eliminate the Mets in the NLCS?
37:15 What if the Yankees win the WS at Citi Field?

37:30 Who was Jabba’s Rancor Keeper?

41:00 What happens if it rains all week?

43:30 Silly Star Wars merchandise Part 2

49:00 There is nothing to complain about!

51:00 Can Jason name the guy who Darth Vader force chokes in A New Hope?