The Mets have made me realize the Wild Card is crap


So it’s nice the Mets are in a playoff race and all, but as I watched this team last night I thought, “This is not a playoff team.”

Now we go down a rabbit hole of debating what a playoff team is and surely they are a playoff team since they are in a playoff position.

Going up a level, is this a team that deserves to make the book The History Of Baseball in the 21st Century.  No.

The 2016 Mets are like a team that’s trying to get the eight seed in the NHL playoffs.  Not really that good, but their fans will take a few weeks of playoff actions because hey why not.

So sure, I’ll take some Mets playoff games.  But this is not great baseball.  In fact the games have been more boring this season than any season I can remember, including some truly awful seasons.

I know Division or Die is never coming back, and it’s just a matter of time until we have four wild cards or some nonsense, but good baseball this is not.

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