40th Anniversary of the 1977 Mets

1977 is gonna be awesome Mets fans!

We have two young stars in Stearns and Mazzilli, you know Kong is gonna crush it, and don’t forget the rotation has Seaver, Koosman and Matlack.  Grote, Torre and Krane are nice solid veterans, and I think the mix of youth and experience, anchored by that rotation, should give Joe Frazier a lot to work with.


I should probably pre-draft the June 14-15 2017 Obvious Articles before Rubin mentions it and the 53 writers at Amazing Mets Apple Insider Blog Report begin their coverage.

The Mets are home on June 15th. They really should just make fun of themselves and have someone like Breuer come out and lead the fans in a ceremonial boo.