Are these new Mets 2017 caps? (Yes) Are these the Mets Spring Training Jerseys?

Good morning.  I have only had one sip of coffee, and I will wait for Paul @UniWatch Lukas to tell us what’s official or not, but here’s what I am waking up to.

First, Michael Baron reportedly says these are new caps, and that the orange brim caps are gone.


And @nikometsplus tweeted some images of what he says are the Spring Training uniforms.


Again, I don’t know what’s official or not.  Let’s assume they are.

The white outline cap confuses me.  Why?  Might this be a road cap?  Why the white outline?  They messed with white outlines a little in the mid-90s, which then led to black drop shadow… this worries me.  Leave the uniforms alone Metsies.

As for the spring jerseys, I don’t know who likes those underarm color patches (which probably have an official terminology).  Does anyone like them?  Does anyone actually like Carpool Karaoke?  I haven’t met anyone, and yet that’s a thing, so maybe someone does prefer their jerseys with orange underpits.

Anyway, I will see what the blogosphere reveals today, and you can ask Michael Baron Himself and you can attend the Uni Watch Panel with Paul Lukas and friends- yes you can – both will be at Saturday’s Queens Baseball Convention.  Get your tickets before they sell out!

Update – Uni Watch says the below and has more about the cap.

This new cap is one of several issues we’ll be discussing on Saturday at the Queens Baseball Convention’s uniform panel, which I’ll be chairing. Panel participants include uniform designer/historian Todd Radom; Mets uniform number savant Jon Springer; Mets stitcher Russ Gompers; Mets game-used jersey collector Nick DiSalvo; and our own Phil Hecken.

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