Surprisingly not sure I want to go to Mets Opening Day

This is the graphic I have

I find myself wondering if I actually want to go to Opening Day.

I’ve been at something like 33 of 35 openers going back to the 80’s, only missing in instances where I had a new job.  This year, I don’t feel excited about it.

Several factors:

1.  The price point is unattractive. Opening Day price creep has really, well, crept. According to Razorgator, Mets tickets for Opening Day start at $77.  As a point of comparison, just a few weeks later (April 21-23) Washington comes to town for a weekend series. You can find Mets. vs. Nationals tickets for as low as $10 for any of those three games.

2.  Citi Field cannot hold a crowd. It’s not a convenient place to do things like walk around or go to the bathroom when it’s full.

3. I just don’t like Citi Field.  It’s not a great ballpark despite what the mainstream media and the t-shirt enthusiasts who sit 500 feet from the action will tell you.

4. My kid has checked out. Even a “hey do you want to skip school and…” was not intriguing. And this is someone who was brought to a ton of games when younger, plays sports all day every day, and watched NCAA all weekend. So it’s not like he’s just not into sports, he just doesn’t care about the Mets or baseball.

So I’m not sure why I would go, and if I do go, who would I go with?  The new stadium smell is gone. My favorite player shipped off to Washington. I am not really attached to any of the 25 likely Mets right now.

I’m not trying to convince anyone else not to go, I’m just struggling with my own feelings. If I go it will be because I always go. Let’s see what the weather forecast is, maybe a nice sunny day will coax me.

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