Mr. Met claims he IS Mr. Met 1.5…OR DOES HE?

Whoa Whoa Whoa….Mr. Met is claiming that this is a picture of himself.

This totally changes the Mr. Met timeline, and I am not sure I can accept this as true/canon. I think Mr. Met is trying to cover something up.

He also mentions this is a picture of himself in puberty – so that does suggest that the paper-maiche head guy from the 60’s is not him. (Assumed to be his father, Mr. Met)


Let’s parse language.  Mr. Met could be the Bill Clinton of mascots.  Look at the tweet.

“Puberty was awkward for all of us.”

End of sentence.  Complete thought.

“Glad I grew into my head.”

End of sentence.  Complete thought.

But what if it’s a dig at his ugly brother Mr. Met 1.5.  Read it as “Glad I grew into MY head.”  Then tweet an ugly pic.

I think this is the case.  Mr. Met just ripped his brother for being ugly.   Whatever happened to Mr. Met 1.5 anyway?  Probably out back with Mettle.

You own this Mets jersey: Jbat