Mets Morning Laziness: The Great Injuries Gag

The Stupid Mets have put a gag on Terry Collins talking about injuries.  That’s just stupid in this town and will totally backfire and make everyone look bad.

Also in Newspapers, the Post has a preview of the 2019 Rebuild.  Warning, the Post site, especially mobile, seems designed to slow down your device with as many pop-ops as possible, so it may not be worth the click.  I tried both desktop and mobile and bailed.

SLACKISH REACTION:  The Mets were winning.  Then someone decided to use 6 pitchers again.  The Mets lost.

BASEBALL IS HORRIBLE:  I’m really starting to hate this sport.  I was sort of paying attention while out with friends, then came home to see the Mets go down 6-5 and as it was approaching 10pm I decided I didn’t really care.  I’m doing this more and more, and it’s not about winning or losing, it’s about the quality of TV Entertainment over Time, and the Mets television product is awful because someone insists on using SIX PITCHERS EVERY NIGHT.   This is not the game I got into in the late 70’s, and maybe that game is never coming back, but maybe I don’t want to watch the 2017 version.  It’s really really awful to watch.

ICYMI the Mets put Mayday Milone on the DL.   I believe you are Saturday’s starting pitcher.