Ron Darling was better than anyone in Mets Generation 2K will ever be

I come here today to praise Ron Darling.  This somehow came up on twitter last night, and I don’t even remember how we got into it, but it revealed to me that you Millennials have no idea how good Ronnie was.

Let’s just start with numbers.

136-116 3.87.   All of the current Mets studs are 100 wins away from Ron.  That’s 5 twenty win seasons in an era where nobody wins 20, so let’s call it 7 seasons of 15 wins.  You think 35 year old Matt Harvey is winning 15 games at this point?

12-9, 16-6, 15-6, 12-8, 17-9, 14-14 in a nice little run with the good Mets teams.

You talk about The Dark Knight’s run support?  Let’s look at Hard Luck Ronnie…

April 11 1985:  7 innings, 1 run.  ND

April 16th:  7 innings, 1 run.  ND

May 17th:  NINE innings, 2 runs, ND

June 7:  8 innings, 1 run ND

June 12:  Ron was so good I almost want to not include this 7 inning 3 run ND

June 22:  2 runs, 1 earned, in a 7ip ND.

We still feeling bad for The Dark Knight?  It’s not even July and look at those 6 starts in a season in which Ron won 16 games!

Aug 14th:  1 run, 7 innings, LOSS

OCTOBER 1ST:  the Mets are trying to keep up with the Cardinals.  9 innings, no runs, no decision.  In October.

June 16 1986:   0 runs, 7ip, ND

June 28:  2 runs, 1 earned, 7ip ND

July 3:  3 runs in 9 innings, ND

July 8:  2 runs, 1 earned, in 7ip ND

July 18:  takes a loss 7ip 2 runs

August 14:   2 runs, 7ip, ND.  See a pattern yet?

Aug 25:  6 2/3  2 runs. ND

Sep 6:  3 runs in 7 ip ND

Sep 15:  9 shutout innings in a ND!

Sep 25:  2 runs 7ip, yep another ND

Sep 30:  7ip, 1 run, LOSS.

That was a 15 win season, with 11 starts I flagged there.  Want to give him say two of the 11?  Maybe let’s give him the game he gave up no runs in 9 and one other?  That would be 17 wins.

Ron was the man.  Koosman to Gooden’s Seaver.  Nobody on the current squad touches this guy.  I know what your fantasies are, but until someone actually stays healthy enough to do it – Ronnie was better than all of them.


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