Ron Darling was better than anyone in Mets Generation 2K will ever be

(Updating this post in January 2020 to say…OK deGrom is pretty good.  Sorry Ron.  Now back to the original post from 2017…)

I come here today to praise Ron Darling.  This somehow came up on twitter last night, and I don’t even remember how we got into it, but it revealed to me that you Millennials have no idea how good Ronnie was.

Let’s just start with numbers.

136-116 3.87.   All of the current Mets studs are 100 wins away from Ron.  That’s 5 twenty win seasons in an era where nobody wins 20, so let’s call it 7 seasons of 15 wins.  You think 35 year old Matt Harvey is winning 15 games at this point?

12-9, 16-6, 15-6, 12-8, 17-9, 14-14 in a nice little run with the good Mets teams.

You talk about The Dark Knight’s run support?  Let’s look at Hard Luck Ronnie…

April 11 1985:  7 innings, 1 run.  ND

April 16th:  7 innings, 1 run.  ND

May 17th:  NINE innings, 2 runs, ND

June 7:  8 innings, 1 run ND

June 12:  Ron was so good I almost want to not include this 7 inning 3 run ND

June 22:  2 runs, 1 earned, in a 7ip ND.

We still feeling bad for The Dark Knight?  It’s not even July and look at those 6 starts in a season in which Ron won 16 games!

Aug 14th:  1 run, 7 innings, LOSS

OCTOBER 1ST:  the Mets are trying to keep up with the Cardinals.  9 innings, no runs, no decision.  In October.

June 16 1986:   0 runs, 7ip, ND

June 28:  2 runs, 1 earned, 7ip ND

July 3:  3 runs in 9 innings, ND

July 8:  2 runs, 1 earned, in 7ip ND

July 18:  takes a loss 7ip 2 runs

August 14:   2 runs, 7ip, ND.  See a pattern yet?

Aug 25:  6 2/3  2 runs. ND

Sep 6:  3 runs in 7 ip ND

Sep 15:  9 shutout innings in a ND!

Sep 25:  2 runs 7ip, yep another ND

Sep 30:  7ip, 1 run, LOSS.

That was a 15 win season, with 11 starts I flagged there.  Want to give him say two of the 11?  Maybe let’s give him the game he gave up no runs in 9 and one other?  That would be 17 wins.

Ron was the man.  Koosman to Gooden’s Seaver.  Nobody on the current squad touches this guy.  I know what your fantasies are, but until someone actually stays healthy enough to do it – Ronnie was better than all of them.