Bobby Valentine: Will This Guy Manage The Mets? No.

I would like to thank @ceetar for inspiring this new series called, per his sassy tweet, Will This Guy Manage The Mets? No.

The latest rage in blogging is floating names as if they might be the next Mets manager.  Let me tell you at the start of this series that the next Mets manager is Tim Teufel, which is why he was assigned to scouting the minors.  Why don’t you look up what Terry Collins was doing before he got the gig.

Anyway, first up – Bobby Valentine.

Will Bobby Valentine manage the Mets?  No.

What in the name of Zod makes you think Sandy Alderson wants a highly opinionated Look At Me manager?  Also, I know Bobby is cool and all but he has never won and Boston was a disaster.

He makes for a nice blog post, but no.


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