Honestly, at some point, enough with the 1986 Mets already

So as you likely know there’s this whole Darryl Strawberry ripped the Mets thing floating around.

The Mets holding a ceremony to honor the 1986 Mets



Guys, I’m all about the 80’s.  My whole core is about the 80’s.  I enjoyed the 1986 Mets when they were still the 1985 Mets…but at some point…enough.

Darryl, I know this has been pointed out to you but Keith & Ron are on TV all year.  Tim works for the team.  Wally worked here for years.  Mookie has been in and out.  Lenny is colorful in ways that maybe he wouldn’t be my first choice for club ambassador.  Doc has had issues as you point out.  Ojeda worked for SNY.  I don’t know what Sid is up to.  Jesse has been around.  Roger has been down in Atlanta.  And of course Gary has passed on.

So yeah they ignore Ray Knight, which they have been doing for 30 years so I assume there’s a piece to that story we don’t know.

Other than that – what are they supposed to do?  I’d be the first one to kill them but there was lots of 1986 in 2016.  The museum has fixed a lot of original Citi Field sins.

Are we supposed to trot out a 1986 Met every night?  Are we every week supposed to think about that time 31 years ago that the Mets actually won something?

What about 1969 Mets?  Are the Mets dissing Ron Swoboda?  Should the Mets give a job to Gary Gentry?

At some point it’s enough.  We’ve celebrated it.  We had HOF Day.  We put plaques in the hall.  We celebrated the 25th anniversary and the 30th.

Are there 1984 Tigers walking around complaining?   Are there angry 1983 Orioles?

The fans?  The fans aren’t as old as you and I.  A lot of them don’t remember 1986.  They are Generation Piazza…and now even a whole lot of Generation Citi Field.  1986 is a long long time ago now.

Darryl Strawberry named to All Time Mets Team by the Mets

Also…also…also….also…..rememeber when you actually were a Met that you couldn’t wait to go to Los Angeles.  YOU COULD NOT WAIT TO GO TO LOS ANGELES.   You were a Met and could not wait to go to Los Angeles.

So take this to Hal or the Dodgers, thanks for the memories, I still like you, but at some point enough already with the 1986 Mets.


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