Mets Police Morning Laziness: at least the west coast enjoyed the Wild Card

SLACKISH REACTION:  seems some people watched some sort of baseball game last night that took forever to play.  I was talking to some 14 year olds this morning.  One asked “did you watch the game?”  The other two said no.  I asked the first kid, a Yankees fan, if he saw the end – nope he fell asleep in the 6th.  Anyway MLB I hope the kids in Los Angeles enjoyed the 5pm start time.  79% of the population lives in east + central.

Speaking of pace of game, read this article in the WSJ which has some insight from a smart blogger who just wants to fix the game of baseball.   Long games and less action sums it up.

NOT LINKING: random speculation about the manager.

The trains were Fubar this morning so I am getting a late start, short laziness this morning, gotta work.

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