Mets Police Morning Laziness: how far can I stretch ‘Joe McEwing is a candidate’?

SLACKISH REACTION: attended a soccer game, played volleyball.  The local bar had on some sort of baseball game that did not interest me.

A friend asked me what my favorite sport is.  Now for 40+ years I would have said baseball.  Last night I said “well I want to say baseball but I kind of hate what baseball is right now” and then we had a conversation about pitching changes and how the game was better when starters went as far as the could and we had “Gossage saves” of the 2 2/3 variety.   So I dunno…I can’t watch NFL any more other than Red Zone, and I don’t watch all that much pro soccer.  Maybe I don’t have a favorite sport right now.  And even Star Trek has been ruined.  These are terrible times.

NOT LINKING: the only things out there is “Carlos Beltran says THIS GUY should be manager”  I will save you the clickbait bullshit – I hate when sites do that and makes me want to double down on NOT LINKING – Beltran picks Alex Cora.

NOT LINKING: add Joe McEwing to the list of names being thrown around.

There, this was a lot longer than I thought this would be.  Not much going on, and expect it to be quiet until the playoffs are over.  I won’t be watching them.

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