Mets Police Morning Laziness: Operation Take Back New York does not go well

My vintage take back new york shirt did not survive bleach accident thanks mom.

SLACKISH REACTION:  Apparently Operation Take Back New York suffered a major setback last night.  I woke up to my timeline having lots of discussions about New York AL (for people who don’t like them you guys watch a lot of their games.  Don’t you have Netflix?).

Anyway, the Yankees were able to rebuild in 5 minutes and have successfully kept New York.  The Mets enter 2018 in rebuild mode, so figure we get another opportunity to TBNY around the end of the 2020s.

SOCCER: I’m still out of my mind about US Soccer.  This loss sets the sport back five years minimum.  It kills the casual fan, it hurts MLS, it makes the TV following less interesting (hey watch the US Remnants play a friendly tune-up against some team heading to the World Cup!)’s just awful.

NOT LINKING:  Harvey Weinstein continues to gum up the searches for Matt Harvey.  Doesn’t this guy care that bloggers need off-season content.  I guess I could not-link to a “what does it mean for the Mets that the Red Sox need a manager” nonsense as if that’s not obvious, but that doesn’t even deserve Not Linking.   Other than that, no Mets news today.

NYCFC (aka SoccerYankees) to play a game at Citi Field!
Lee Mazzilli attended the Tim Teufel Celebrity Golf outing